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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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I hear you. On the one hand, I figure that "too busy" is more of a state of mind than an immutable inability to do something if a person really wants to. Isn't there always a TV program that can be cut, or something that will free up enough time? But on the other hand, since my third kid came along I really usually do feel crazy-busy, and the idea of adding one more thing is just daunting. Even if something comes along that I want to do, for my own sanity it's better if I don't try to squeeze it in. There's a lot to be said for time to sit still and unwind, and snuggle with a kid or two. I think that's the time that would be lost if I filled up my schedule even more -- and it would be sad to lose that.

(Which in other words means that I agree with you.)

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