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Monday, November 29, 2010


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Our brains are amazing. I remember my right-handed grandfather relearning everything, including handwriting, with his left hand after he had a stroke late in his life.

Interesting about you "mousing" with your left hand. I am a lefty and have always used my mouse with my right hand...I tried it with my left hand once or twice but didn't persist because it felt weird. Makes me wonder if it would have been different had I used it left-handed from the start or it's just an area where I'm not so left-dominant.

I'm really glad to hear that your arm/shoulder continue to recover.

It's intriguing to read about the process of switching over from using your right to your left hand. That's exactly how I'd imagine it would go.

I wonder if the change in mouse-hand affects your alertness because you've gone from left-brained to right-brained control of the mouse. Or if it's just from doing something differently, in which case I'd expect the effect to fade over time.

Anyway, I hope your right side gets better soon!!

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