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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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Glad to hear the good! I'm very relieved for you too. Hope the complications go as well as they can.

I hope things go well. Very well.

Poor boy.


Glad to hear that your health problem is something that can be fixed, phew.

Commiserations on the loss of various valuables.

Hugs for the boy.

Glad all the really bad things are off the table now--and good wishes for getting the cyst taken care of. That sounds hard for all of you.

What a relief. For you. A bit tense for Olly. Good luck for the surgery, I hope you recover quickly.

So glad to read the cyst is not something more sinister. Hope all goes well with the operation and your recovery.

Quelle coincidence. My brother's ex rang me in tears last week because my 16 y o niece (the one I travelled to Sydney with) had been diagnosed with a large cyst. Like yours, it was big enough to cause additional symptoms - constipation in her case. It certainly sounded alarming.
Now that she's had scans, ex sounds much more relaxed - Cyst will be removed once they get a hospital bed and there's no additional complications. She said it's calcified and weighs a kilo! ! ! 1 !

I said she'd better ask to keep it in a jar of formaldehyde so we can see it!

I will be thinking of you both now. Hope everything goes really well, hugs to Olle.

PS. Selfishly, I'm quite glad I missed reading your blog for a couple of days, so have only just read "Present Tense" - I'm so happy to hear of the outcome, well not the thrombosis part or missing the trip part - Poor you.

(((Hugs for you as well)))

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