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Sunday, August 31, 2008


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I hope all the incisions/keyholes heal quickly and that you're not in too much discomfort!

Re the Sword in the Stone, I haven't read it - it's now on To Read list :)

Oh, get well soon!

For what it's worth (and it's possible my humour-meter is just miscalibrated), the air travels up under the diaphragm, rather than right up through the chest. The collarbone/shoulder-tip referred pain is a result of embryological phrenic-nerve happenstance.

(I find myself endlessly fascinated (and often horrified) by olde-timee descriptions of these things. eg http://jn.physiology.org/cgi/pdf_extract/3/2/175 )

I imagined cysts were quite small things so 600ml sounds like a lot of fluid.

The Once and Future King was give to me by my grandfather when I was about ten and I loved that book so much, didn't really understand much of parts of it, but The Sword in the Stone was the perfect book for that age. A few years later I came across Mistress Masham's Repose by White also, if Olle's keen for another in the same fantasy vein it could be good. Lilliputans living in a tumbledown pavilion in an English garden.

White wrote a sequel to Pride and Prejudice that I would love to read but it's unobtainable.

Glad you came through the surgery OK, Suz!

Read the Sword in the Stone several times as a kid - LOVED the apprenticeship parts where Wart was learning to be an owl, a fish, etc. Funnily enough, the two subsequent volumes were very longwinded in comparison, and not very interesting as I remember; Should try again.

Oh wow, I have been very out of touch. So glad that it wasn't a clot, wasn't a sinister cyst, and is now gone! I guess it's a bit late to hope you recover quickly (I remember the horrid effect of that gas - not nice), but nonetheless I hope all is now well - and i guess you are in England by now, living it up. Enjoy!

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