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Thursday, July 17, 2008


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Exchanges like this make me feel icky.

I always get cross when people start going on about how public transport doesn't break even. When did a road ever break even?

I identify so strongly with your sentiments. Cycling is difficult and dangerous and by doing it, you are contributing not only to your own good, but to the greater good. I wish more motorists took to the road on a bicycle so they understood that. I think the governmnet should pay cyclists to use the roads (just as it taxes cars to use it) so that the relatively friendly cycle transport got the recognition it deserves.
Despite the intense interest in climate change, the road rage against cyclists seems to be stronger than ever in Sydney (in my experience). I had a pedestrian curse me the other day - outside St Mary's Cathedral (of all places!) because I was riding on the footpath to avoid the hectic city traffic. There is no escaping the non-cyclist's ire.

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