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Thursday, July 24, 2008


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hmmmm...I was thinking of doing a worm farm in our new house, but am rapidly rethinking now. I wish your cats speedy hunting!

we have rats in our compost and sometimes I see them scurry along the back fence... ick. But last night I found one in our bathroom and it wasn't even afraid of us! The cat seems to have announced his retirement.

Nonetheless we can't bring ourselves to kill them or lay bait... just wish they'd stay outside.

Ick! I wonder if there's some way you could put the worm farm into something cage-like, with bars that would keep out rodents while not bothering the worms.

I don't suppose you could de-rat and then move the worm farms indoors?


When I lived in Paddington we had a house with an outside toilet. I lived in mortal fear of the rat (named "Mrs Ratty" for reasons I can't now recall) jumping on me during my expeditions outside at night. She used to come inside and eat my pink grapefruit soap off the bathroom sink. I hate rats. Fortunately out here in suburbia (ie the Inner West) we have yet to meet a rat at the worm farm. Maybe it's all the neighbourhood cats around here...

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