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Thursday, July 03, 2008


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I find this an interesting topic since it's something I will be experiencing over the next many years. I would think strong emotions would play a large role (good or bad), especially as your cycles wind down. I would opt for significance too.

I found that the mother/blood connection can start earlier than menopause, too. Years ago I was told by an older friend, when we were both still pre-menopausal, that when her mother died her cycle went completely berserk, whereupon other friends had told her that this had happened to them too. When my own mother died my cycle had up till that point been completely regular but it promptly went bonkers and didn't settle down again for a couple of months. And on the night of her funeral my sister had, out of nowhere and certainly out of sync, a prolonged haemorrhage that stopped as abruptly as it had started, just as we were about to call the ambulance.

I don't know, maybe the body understands metaphor better than we think, and bleeds from the maternal place when the mind is in pain. Or something.

Cycles work in such weird ways--tapping into parts of our experiences in ways that make the mind/body connection seem more believeable to me than pretty much any other experience.

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