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Thursday, July 10, 2008


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I can imagine your frustration. With a more recent pair of glasses, I recall that when I looked down I found my perception of distance was all wrong and it took a couple days for that to go away. But I don't recall problems with focus at all.

I just spoke to the optometrist. Perhaps I hadn't made it clear to her that I work with a computer screen and need them for that, as well as reading books (though I'd have thought that would be usual these days). She says they can be adjusted though she didn't sound like she entirely got the point I was making. I'll take them in on Monday. meanwhile, I've pulled my computer screen closer to me - at the length of my outstretched arm, the words are still not finely focused.

In my experience the old pair of reading glasses turn up approximately 3 days after paying for the new pair.
People do pick up "lost" glasses and then they turn up at their optometrists and reuse the frame. Happens all the time.
Magnification and focus is all about working distance. The higher the magnification the shorter the working distance. Often people need a weaker pair for the computer than for reading a book. That's why progressive/multifocal lenses were invented - though they are a compromise and have their own set of disadvantages.
Measure your screen to eye distance before you go back to the optom so you can tell her exactly where you need to be able to see. Ideally we like to know the distance of your closest task and your most distant "near" task.
Good luck. I'm sure she'll be able to sort it for you.

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