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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


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Wow, this is fascinating. My son learned about the mechanics of sex and baby making (sperm/egg, penis/vagina) when he was six and his stepmother was pregnant. Yeah, he thinks sex is gross. His father actually gave him The Talk, as it came up at his house, but it must have been pretty thorough. If he comes in in the morning and my husband and I seem to be naked in bed he says 'OH! You've been SEXING!' (Then 'NO! I don't want a baby!')

My mother-in-law and her partner are gay, we had gay neighbours, I have a gay aunt and a gay cousin (all women, actually). So he's known that gay is when a man & man or woman & woman love each other instead of the opposite sex since he was about three, and it's no big deal. In fact, he's in a girl-hating stage and says he will never get married or have a partner. I said 'what if you get lonely?' so he said 'I'll be gay, then'.

I wouldn't worry that he finds it disgusting, I think that's completely normal.

I have two donor sperm boys 9 and 12, and one dead husband. He was 44 when he died, I was 39. He wanted to keep the donor info a secret from friends but not family. What a mess i've walked into trying to backtrack @ why my kids don't really look like dead daddy. arghh

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