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Monday, June 30, 2008


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I kind of like these garbage bin photos, esp the second one. i find them rather harmonious.

I love the idea that you might become a garbage spy. Soy's cousin has become a self-appointed water police - he checks people's meters and tells them off if he thinks they are wasting.

There was quite a few of your entries that I want to comment on. I was thinking about the rubbish bin, I would most likely say 'yes' without really thinking about it. You entry pointed out that you should be more mindful and you are right.

To comment on something that is not at all the point of your post: on the few occasions where I have been trying to put a rubbish bin in the rubbish collection, it has taken several weeks to persuade the trash collectors that the bin really is rubbish. I think I finally had to put a note out with it.

But more generally: I do like the wheeled bins, but you are making me think what would be the effect if governments encouraged people to use smaller bins? I am in the midst of moving from a place that recycles very little to a place that recycles lots and lots, and I am looking forward to having way less rubbish there. (Although in the process of moving, I can't believe how much rubbish I'm making....sorry to go on so much about me in your space here, but you've hit a nerve with this one.)

And i do love the photos, which are indeed soothing.

Yes, I find these photos very soothing, too. I would enjoy walking through your neighborhood, I think.

And I won't comment on the size of the wheeled bins distributed by our county (which can be lifted by giant forks on the sides of the trucks) but you can imagine that they are MUCH, MUCH LARGER than the ones in your photos. To an absurdly cliched point.

I love where I live - it's a very beautiful part of Sydney and every single day it's a pleasure to walk out the front door.

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