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Friday, May 16, 2008


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My older 2 children are almost 8 and almost 6. I would not feel comfortable letting them stay over (except with grandparents) and I don't think they would either.

Our primary school has decided not to do camps any more. This is mainly due to the pressure this puts on the teachers, in these days of litigation etc. There are more factors and it is quite a complex issue, but for the sake of brevity, I won't bang on about it.

I will say that I understand the school's position, but do think that a camp with ones peers may be one of the best ways to experience a night away from home.

It was quite comforting to read your post. My kids have not been asked to a sleepover yet, but I know some of their peers have started, and some parents don't seem to bat an eyelid. I am not sure what I will say when that day comes.

Liam has had a few sleepovers (home and away), but only with one friend, whose mother used to look after him one day a week when he was 2-3 - so he is very comfortable with her and with the house. But he tried a sleep over at my mum's last year and ended up coming home at about midnight - I think the main difference was sleeping in a room on his own (and a fair way from his Nanna's room), vs with a friend.

Having said that, most of his friends are yet to try sleepovers. When I was in about 2nd or 3rd grade we had a couple of sleepovers at school, as sort of training for going on school camps the following year, for kids who had never spent a night away from their parents. I had been spending weekends at my father's place since my parent's split when I had just turned six, so for me it wasn't an issue (I remember feeling superior, LOL!). But lots of the other kids were quite nervous.

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