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Thursday, May 15, 2008


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I'm glad it's gone now, and I hope you find yourself re-adjusting and feeling okay again soon.

Carcinoma just isn't a pleasant word.

I have to be vigilant, too, and have worked myself into a real tizzy too often. It's hard to figure out the right attitude about it all.

Scary. I know so many people who have had skin cancers removed, including most of my paternal aunts and uncles. I'm off for my own check this morning, wish me luck!

That's a good plan--between the GP and the dematologist, hopefully they'll give you both good guidance and reassurance to find the balance you need. (Lots of melanoma in my family, and lots of beach/sun, too, so I know a bit of this anxiety myself.)

We are so unsuited to this climate, aren't we? Sounds like a very scary chain of events. I'm in co-p's position - LG is very moley so I'm always being asked to give my opinion on this or that small bump.

I've got a family history too, not of melanoma, thank God, but of multiple solar keratoses and BCCs -- my mum and my nan both had their faces quite badly hacked about by the surgical removal of BCCs, as well as countless slushings. Like you, I took a particular concern to the dermatologist -- last Wednesday, my 55th birthday -- and she said the spot I was worried about was nothing, but the little itchy patch at my left temple was ("I'm 99.9 per cent sure") a BCC requiring plastic surgery and possibly a skin graft. So I know how you feel, because I've had exactly the same kind of week!

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