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Thursday, May 29, 2008


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Oh, memories. My mother had to write a fresh note each term to get me excused from drinking warm rancid milk.

I still can't drink plain milk, has to be flavoured.

I wanted to chime in as an adult that doesn't mind the occasional glass of cold cows milk. I am however very fussy about my milk and will only drink it from a proper carton.
The milk in the plastic bottles often tastes slightly wrong, altered either by light exposure or the plastic itself. I was very sad when everyone stopped selling cartons of 2L or 1.5L milk, as now I can only get 1L cartons. I will be extremely distressed if they ever stop selling milk in cartons at all. Perhaps Olle can taste the same taste that I do when I drink milk from a plastic bottle.

Claire, I try and buy cartons instead of plastic and try and buy organic milk when I can - but that only adds up to about half our consumption being in cartons and a quarter or less organic. I've found that the organic milk goes off faster than the non-organic - what does that say about the non-organic?! The trouble is that the adults barely drink milk in our household - we have a little bit in tea, maybe four cups a day between us.
I also freeze milk regularly so that there's always some on hand when we run out. I don't know if this thawing process has contributed to the milk tasting 'bad' for O. I suspect that he had just one bad experience but that's tainted his taste for milk.

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