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Sunday, April 20, 2008


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Had a similiar moment with the female half of the local takeaway business a couple of weeks ago. While waiting for order, she chatted away & somehow began to inform me that there was too much of it about. I had no idea what she talking about - she explained she meant those men who live with men & those women who live with women. Too much of it now.
I pointed out that it had always been the case, just that people didn't need to hide it anymore. People still might be prejudiced but you were unlikely to be stoned, or burnt at the stake.
She looked appalled I suspect because she couldn't bear the fact that SHE may not have been able to tell.
People & their petty little prejudices....

I had a very nice reverse experience, accosted by an elderly woman in the park (as one is when pushing babies). Turned out she was a radical feminist, we had a very interesting conversation. Quite mad though. It's about assumptions, isn't it - you think you are talking to one type of person, then they completely surprise you.

That story reminds me of one of my favourite songs: Your Racist Friend by They Might be Giants http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHxEnQZi3Ow&feature=related whenever I have one of those uncomfortable conversations I remember that song and realise I'm can't stand around and listen to it.

Thanks for that link Elissa.

Yes, it's about assumptions - I've had many many good surprises too.

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