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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


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That would be the sort of experience that would stay with me (if I'd been Ollie's age) and would show up in my dreams, at odd angles, for years to come.

But I love the idea of coming home in the dark on a train with my child. My dad and I took several train rides to Duluth when I was around Ollie's age, and they rank as some of the best memories of my life.

Yesterday Olle went off to a drama workshop for the day (it's school holidays here). When I collected him at 4pm, we got into the car and his first words were: "That was scary last night". I don't know if it had been on his conscious mind all day or if it popped out after he'd had some time to digest it.

Was he interested in the drama of the situation from the 'potential danger to me' point of view, or from the 'that man might be really sick' point of view? I think my kids are two young to empathise with strangers but maybe a 9 year old can?

Definitely 'potential danger to me' , but mixed with 'if he dies, that's scary and disturbing' - not exactly empathy but something approaching it.

Wow, that does sound creepy.

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