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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


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I missed the speech since it was on so early (7am for us in the west).

All the reports of it have been positive so far...and all the reports of Nelson's speech have been negative. I'll watch it properly later tonight on tv or online.

I think the understanding of my kids here will be much like how I understood the civil rights movement in the US as I grew up. It was before my time...I do understand but I don't think I could ever completely appreciate what it was like since I was born in the era of the civil rights movement and grew up in a culture that was far different).

I enjoyed your post. This is why you should continue to blog. :)

In my film class we also had a discussion and the younger students seemed convinced that racism against indigenous people was distant history. Again, no Aboriginal people were present.

well written.

i too am hopeful that this important speech be the catalyst for real change and progress...

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