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Friday, February 22, 2008


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Don't be scared. It's nothing too awful.
I had a front tooth root-canalled when I was 17 as the result of being kicked in the face, and being kicked was a lot worse than the dentistry in terms of pain and discomfort. Never had a filling, I wouldn't know to compare.
Once you get around the anaesthetic needle---the bit of any dental procedure that usually terrifies me---it's just noisy and boring, not particularly horrible at all. Actually the worst part for me was the taste of my own burnt flesh in my mouth afterwards; a problem I solved with the judicious application of tea.
You'll be fine, I'm sure.

I hope it all goes well today. I had one done many years ago (I think mine was also a cracked tooth) and I remember it was uncomfortable to keep my mouth open for so long. But the procedure didn't hurt at all. I've had worst pain just getting cleanings the last few times with laser dentistry.

Good luck. I've seen hugely variable reactions to it and I think it largely depends on the ease of the procedure. A colleague had to have a couple done by a specialist and she was off work a week and still swollen when she came back. Those straight roots may just be a blessing for you. I don't remember dh having any exceptional difficulty with his.

I'm home. I've written an update at the bottom of the post.

Liam, you're of that lucky younger generation who didn't spend their childhoods having fillings (without anaesthesia, in my case...) I don't think I noticed any burnt flesh, fortunately.
Webfrau, your poor colleague. I had a colleague who had his wisdom teeth extracted - he took three days off work but when he returned he still looked like a hamster.

Glad to hear it wasn't disastrous.
On the dental dams: Heh. Whenever I see them these days my first thought is to the dentists' chair, unfortunately. Takes a lot to get the mind of a 17 y/o off sex, but root canal work certainly does the trick.
Yes, I'm a beneficiary of fluoride---but having had crown work, I can tell you that crowns are *easy*. You'll definitely make it back to work after that appointment, if you have to.

I'm glad the procedure itself went well. I hope the pain isn't too bad when the painkillers wear off. I don't seem to recall having much pain at all but it has been a long time now. R, on the other hand, has been in dental pain for a few days after having three large cavities filled this week.

Crown procedures are usually much less worry for patients than root canals. Neither should really be a big problem, but root canals have a bad rep.

The biggest problem with crowns for most patients is the impression for making the model.

Your tooth still has roots by the way. A root canal just cleans out the middle of the roots (the root canals). Without roots, the tooth wouldn't be able to stay in your mouth...

This morning my mouth and jaw feel pretty normal. I ate ice cream last night (hazelnut and coconut gelato) and didn't feel any cold-sensitivity, as the endo had promised I wouldn't. (That tooth had been increasingly sensitive to cold and I'd been avoiding chewing on it for months.)
Just as I was about to go upstairs to bed last night, I kicked my toe against the leg of the coffee table - it was excruciating, as toe injuries can be (this morning it's swollen and bruised). The dog woke me up in the middle of the night and it was my aching toe that led me to take painkillers! Quite a good diversion from the dental issues.

I've been to those workshops where they bring out the dental dams. They always struck me as a bit 'me-tooish', because HIV was the issue du jour. "Yeah, AIDS is a really important issue in the les-bean community too you know (even though we're the lowest risk group)." We'd have been better off focussing on breast cancer, I reckon.

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