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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


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I'm a total acupuncture convert now. It has not helped me conceive another child - which was the original reason I went - but, like you say, I got a lot of little miracles along the way. And, again like you, that included my sanity. You need to find the right person of course. And I'm really glad that I did.

I used to go to Dr Tai in Randwick--a true healer, and seeing anyone else since, has been mildly to very disappointing. I've recently been to a Chinese guy in Tamworth who works similarly to Dr Tai, although he gave me a massage afterwards, which Dr Tai reckoned was not helpful, that the two methods of treatment did not compliment each other so well. Oh well. Apparently, I have a ormone imbalance. Yeah, well I knew that. Treatment has helped a little, so far. See how we go this lunation!

I credit acupuncture with getting the eggs to 'stick' after IVF. N=4 in our study though, so it's hardly statistically valid. (I also had lots of acupuncture to try to turn the breech baby, but that didn't work.)

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