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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


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Ack, that was impossible! I've lived in Australia for one year, the UK for two, the US Midwest for my childhood, the West Coast for graduate school, the North East for the first years of my marriage and motherhood, and now the South. I could definitely answer my gut instinct, but in daily speech, for most of the last twenty years, my experience has been that I must rapidly translate my terms into something else. And some terms I hold onto (Pop especially, for soda) just because I categorically refuse to abandon that regionalism.

A fascinating exercise, but infuriating, too!

Cool. But I live walking distance from where I grew up, so not too hard for me.

My sister inlaw has moved to the UK and finds herself turning Mancunian in sentence structure, it distresses her.

I did that survey, too, and couldn't choose single answers for some of the categories because I use so many interchangeably and often adapt to my location. I suspect this would be the case for many Australians since so many of us have ties to other countries.

What was most difficult for me was deciding where my variation of English originates. I was born in Pennsylvania (north) and grew up in Georgia and North Carolina (south) and don't identify with any of these locations for my language usage. In fact, I recall having variations in usage even while growing up. My ultimate choice wasn't terribly accurate but I chose NC since that's the place I lived most of my life before moving to Australia.

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