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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


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Seems like this would be a nice thing to happen IN school, although school itself seems to be too busy these days, too.

At my son's school they *do* have in-class book clubs. It is very nice. Last year, for example, a parent came in and read a book with the kids that had something to do with apples (I don't remember which book it was) and then they did apple-related projects. I guess they discussed the book too, though I wasn't there and don't know the details.

In my daughter's class, the teacher likes to do "author studies," where they read a whole bunch of books from a particular author and talk about what the books have in common, and about the author's life. Also, recently in that class, they were talking about diversity and about valuing yourself for who *you* are, and so they read the book "A Bad Case Of Stripes," where a girl's skin starts being like anything that goes on around her, because she is trying so hard to conform. At the end of the book she learns to be herself, and even to admit that she likes lima beans (a food that nobody else in the book likes). At my daughter's school a mom showed up with stripes painted on her face, like the girl in the book. And they did a lima bean tasting. I thought that was pretty cool.

Anyway, I think I'm off on a tangent here. My point is that there's lots of good book-related stuff that goes on at my kids' school (though I'm sure there is at other schools too) and I think it's wonderful.

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