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Monday, January 14, 2008


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Congratulations on the journey so far.

well congratulations! you may not celebrate it but I think we should have some sort of community noticeboard or skywriting or something - i would love to see this affirmed rather than the stoopid dance party pickup culture we seem to have apprpriated from the gay boys.

Wow, congratulations!

Btw, I know het couples who date their relationships from the first time they had sex.

Congratulations Suz and partner!!

20 years, that's the Golden anniversary. Just looked it up on About.com because I always forget these things. A gift idea was "Become a Scottish Lord. ... Buy a Scottish lhighland Estate A fantastic and inexpensive gift." Wow, their definition of inexpensive is not the same as mine.

I hope your anniversary was golden anyway, even if you didn't get a Scottish estate!

Btw, I know het couples who date their relationships from the first time they had sex.

That's weird.

Helen, as co-p's paternal parental figure is Scottish, that could have been an inexpensive gift for us, but I think the estate was squandered years ago.

Congratulations! It sounds like something worth celebrating to me!

Congratulations!! You've made me realise that we're about up to 20 years from the beginning of our relationship too - I know it was January, but I can't remember the actual date (not being that big on anniversaries, either...).

oh, that's lovely. twenty years! *mind boggling, having never managed to have a relationship longer than 3 years myself*
i'm sorry it is a bittersweet occasion for you.

Congratulations, and happy anniversary!!!

My partner and I kind of slid sideways into a relationship whose existance surprised us both, so we have *no* idea what day to count as our anniversary. We are at about 12 or 13 years I think. I'd love to have an anniversary date to celebrate, so I guess we should get married or something, to have an official day.

Anyway, congrats! I think reaching 20 years is pretty darn amazing!!

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