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Friday, December 14, 2007


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I know what you mean about the crack thing (I experience this more with my bathers climbing out of the pool), but I feel really odd every time I put on high-waisted jeans now...I don't know that I can go back to that cut-in-half by denim feeling.

Had to buy a pair of jeans recently, and when I told the shop assistant I wanted something "not cut low, not too tight", he made a face and said "but they're all like that!" He then proceeded to find me a pair that matched my requirements perfectly (yes they button up just above my navel). And to make things even better they were the right length and didn't need taking up (usually the case when I buy jeans). I would have bought at least two pairs but it was the only pair left in the entire shop...

what about a nice long singlet to cover the gap?

Yes, they have long camis in a lot of shops, with or without lace on the bottom, to wear layered under your T shirt. Eliminates the gap. Girlchild likes them.

I absolutely commiserate. When will this low slung jeans thing ever end?

I should note that I ride a bike with drop handlebars, which means I'm leaning over, which makes the gap even bigger and more prominent. I do wear long singlets but even they don't cover it at times.

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