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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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I'm sorry you'll be apart at that time.

Being separated from my children in those moments and weeks wounded me far more deeply than I realized at the time. It's taking me an agonizingly long time to heal.

What a rotten thing to happen Suz.

He is a beautiful boy, and you are beautiful together no matter what happened.

A big HIPPO BIRDY 2EWE to Olle!

(Girlchild's next to go - on the 24th!)

I was only separated from Nell for an hour after her birth but it was the longest (and darkest) hour of my life. I believed I might die without having ever held her.

That hour makes me hold her a little tighter every day, whereas I am much more free and easy with Zac (whom I held from the moment he was born). It's a big thing, that first day and your feelings are completely understandable.

happy birthday to Olle for last week!
i can't imagine how tough that separation must have been, especially after having the baby inside you for so long.
anyway, hope you blitzed your exam despite the bad timing.

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