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Friday, October 26, 2007


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I didn't make it to ride to work day (I slept in) but I'm starting up again for summer. I meant to ride to the SMH to ask them to give tips in the CBD. When I started working in the middle (Martin Place) as opposed to the edge, I spent quite a lot of time quizzing every cyclist I knew about routes.

It's quite scary, and there are no bike paths whatsoever. I was sceptical at first, but now I'm convinced that people are right when they say go where the buses go. Buses are used to looking out for vehicles smaller than them, and cars stay out of their way.

Definitely go in the bus lanes. If you have to pull over and wait for a clump of buses to pass you, do, then you'll have a lane to yourself. Ride in the middle of the lane so that cars can't try and force you to the side. Wear a yellow flash of some kind for increased visibility (you can buy one in a bike shop). I've never had problems with buses and I ride up Castlereagh and Oxford Streets regularly.

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