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Sunday, October 21, 2007


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The grounds for a potential legal challenge to Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to give approval to Gunns Pulp Mill are explored at www.Sydney-Law.com . All are invited to comment.

As speculated in the Wentworth Courier I have decided to run as an Independent Candidate. I could no longer stand back on policy failure from both the major parties on Climate Change and the pulp mill. I think the level of dissatisfaction on these issues has been underestimated and badly handled by the Liberal and Labour parties, and I want to offer the constituents of Wentworth a choice this election. If you feel that your vote is wasted as the major parties either don't listen or don't care, then give me your voice this election.Those who govern us must be held accountable for their actions. www.votedani.com
Danielle Ecuyer
Independent Candidate for Wentworth

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