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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


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I love this post. And for some reason, I really love that sentence "I should tell you that she has Presence". I just got this really powerful image of Olle with her (how close my imagination and real life are is obviously a separate question).

Yes, I liked the imagery of Presence, too.

My spouse will be traveling at the ends of the next two weeks, having also traveled last weekend, while my mother was in town. The intensity of the work, and of the role of single parent, exhausts me -- and I don't work outside the home. So my best wishes are with you, and I hope co-Partner has a wonderful time with her parents, too.

[The hardest part for me about these sorts of experiences is that I very much want my spouse to give me a break when he returns, but he's exhausted from the traveling, and our desires don't quite mesh.]

I don't think I quite captured what I wanted to say in this post - which was about the triangular relationship which constitutes our family and which has been getting stronger as Olle gets older. I think if there was another child for him to interact with, co-p's absence might not be so noticeable, both to him and to me. Her absence as a person to interact with rather than a co-worker is what we both feel (though I notice the co-worker part too!)

sus, for me it's sort of the opposite feeling, i can't imagine having someone to share it all with on a daily basis. if and when that ever does happen, i'm sure it will be culture shock.
to me the biggest benefit in having someone to co-parent with would be that emotional support, that there's someone to take the reins when you're feeling overwhelmed (eg at times of feral pmt).

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