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Monday, September 24, 2007


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A little bit of innocent idealism from which we could learn a great deal. No real understanding of money or time--what bliss.

I think N has a reasonably good sense of time for his age, far better than his brother was at the same age. It's still very much developing though. He's not so great at actually telling time though. He prefers digital clocks but doesn't quite get what the numbers really mean.

D had a terrible sense of time up to a year or two ago. He seemed to rapidly make that developmental leap where he could tell time and had a sense of time passing.

I think it's entirely reasonable to assume you borrow DVDs - like books in a library. Much better idea.

Do you like Blackadder yourself... just curious.

(I hope for a fifth series someday)

Yes I do like Blackadder - particularly the series set in WW1.

I love the idea that kids are even contemplating University at age 9. Zac came home from school the other day and said 'I'm not going to Uni, it's boring'. I asked how he knew and he told me someone at school told him. His school finishes at Yr 2 so 8 yr olds are king there. 8 year olds professing to know about Uni. I don't think I knew about Uni until I was in high school.

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