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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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I had early menopause (at 44), and aside from a few hot flashes here and there, it's been a relatively smooth process--and like you, I'm not feeling shrivelled or over the hill (although I certainly am seeing signs of aging in terms of wrinkles and aches). But not feeling shrivelled.

Thanks for posting. it's kind of reassuring to hear people's individual stories, to know what might be ahead.

I suppose in the end it's like all of those other milestones where you turn out to still be yourself afterward -- like losing one's virginity or starting menstruation or turning any age that is a multiple of ten. Beforehand it seems like you're going to be someone completely different once this milestone is past, but then afterward it's a bit surprising to find that you're still the same person you always were. I guess menopause is going to be like that too.

(But I'm 41 and pregnant right now, so I feel a bit odd posting on this subject at all.)

Valerie, I think you're right - good analogy.

Well, five days on and after a week of intense PMT, it's all faded away and nothing happened (no period). I had no idea menopause would be like this!

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