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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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You are going to be my link to the outside world in the year to come, I think.
I know this has already been said, but it is eerily similar to Azaria C, isn't it? I don't think it is as confusing for people as Freedland does - I think we like to have cases tied up or solved, particularly in ways that mean there is no danger to MY family. That's why we don't like to think that the judicial system has made a mistake (when actually there is some huge number of erroneous guilty findings) - whoever's done it has been punished and locked up and we can all breathe easily again. 'The parents did it? I would never do it, therefore the world is still a safe place. Phew.'

You may have seen recently at Hoyden About Town Tigtog wrote about BitingBeaver, the US blogger (who came in for an avalanche of shit when she posted about having an abortion, and had to move her blog) came in for a second avalanche of shit when she posted about having negative thoughts about motherhood. (As in, an incidence of negative thought, not that it's her default position or something). Oh the furore.
Now the authorities in Portugal are saying the mum must have done it because she expressed her negative feelings about being parent to three rambunctious children in her diary.

Like Lindy Chamberlain, BB and McCann are guilty of not fitting into the Madonna stereotype and actually daring to express what everyone, yes everyone, has felt at times.(I believe the title of one of my recent posts was about selling 'em on eBay. Stoke up the witch bonfire!)

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