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Friday, August 31, 2007


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Love the postcards, but I think that a verandah and a deck are quite different. To me, a verandah is under cover, shady, and possibly has a bullnose corrugated iron cover. A deck is made of wood, often in full sun, and quite large.

As fellow terrace dwellers, we have a verandah (balcony?) upstairs facing north, which we will sit on and read if we are at home without children during the day. With children, it's impossible to sit peacefully for long enough to make it worth while.

I agree with Jennifer -- a porch is usually out front and covered, usually quite neat, etc., while a deck is in the back, is built without a roof, and is typically more "rough," finished and not painted, etc.

Most US houses aren't built with porches anymore, which means that it's the expensive houses that have them. In the US South, it used to be that good cooling included a wide porch around the whole house, with a screened-in section in back for summer sleeping. Naturally, no one builds that way these days, expecting to use A/C to cool the big houses with huge heat-admitting glass windows everywhere.

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