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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


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I read Alan Bennett's "Four Stories" in a friend's beach house during the June holidays. She has a great collection and I averaged one book a day. I lay flat out on the bed relaxing while my husband and the children made winter beach excursions.
Such a lofty exercise to write in a Bennettesque vein. You both have a mesmeric style. So easy to read, yet disciplined and spare. An enjoyable read. Thanks.
I knew I didn't believe in God when the Josephite nuns were telling us about angels. This was about the time I had been disabused of Santa and the Easter Bunny. It seemed a bit rich to try and pull the angel conspiracy on me too. Their reaction to my statement of disbelief so shocked me that I questioned their sanity. I still have a suspicion all believers in religion are mad.
P.S. Another writer who's style is seductive (yet pared back) is W. G. Sebald. English was a second language for him. Most of his work has been translated from German. He worked as an English academic in East Anglia. I have read everything he has written. He wrote a description of the fire bombing of Dresden that is poetic.

Your memory of losing your faith reminded me of Mary McCarthy's story about her experience of this event in Memories of a Catholic Girlhood - have you read this book? I'm sure you'd like it.

Jacinta, funnily enough, I've just read a Bennett diary entry in which he complains about Sebald, doesn't "get" him. But on your recommendation, I'll look him up.
I haven't read that book, Laura - I read her 'The Group' years ago. I must put it on my list.

Oh, go Olle go!
Go Olle go!
Gooooooooooo Olle!
(If you don't have that Nicabate ad in Sydney, you won't know what the hell I'm on about)
You must be so proud of him!

I have been out of touch and hadn't read about Lot's death. So sorry to hear it.

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