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Friday, August 31, 2007


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Bleaching or... waxing. It's
painful but a great investment as the hairs don't grow back with such vigor. Hurts so good...not.

Que? Didn't you get passport photos last year? Or blog about them at least?

I look like my maternal grandmother in mine, like a little old Irish peasant.

>Why is a male hairy leg attractive when a female hairy leg is repulsive?<

Isn't this to do with expectations and perceptions?

And beware any thinning scissors or razors on hair!

I have a theory that male leg hair is considered more attractive because it's thicker, and hasn't been butchered by repeated shaving. And it's on a man.

Aargh, I battle with the leg shaving thing too. If I don't I wouldn't feel OK wearing skirts and going bare legged to work. But I always feel I'm making a concession to avoid being perceived as (more) weird.

Maybe I blogged about getting photos for my Other passport. (I've lost track.)
Janet, I feel very reluctant to make that concession as I've managed to get by for 30+ years without doing it. But I might bleach them, just to alleviate the self-consciousness.

I've never really shaved my legs either except a few times as a teenager. But my hair is very thin and very light and I've always wondered what I'd do if it were different.

And varicose veins...actually, they have started to ache quite a lot, even though they aren't that visible. My doctor has suggested that surgery, but then I read a bit about it, and I think I'll put up with the aching for a bit longer yet.

I too have started to feel a little self conscious about my hairy legs in recent years (despite only being in my 30s). I do have pretty hairy legs, and it's dark hair too. But I definitely don't recommend shaving. I did it for a formal wedding three years back, and do you know, it didn't even last a day!? I shaved in the morning and had stubble by the night-time wedding. Yck!

But I must admit I do wax now, from time to time (maybe once or twice a year) and I find that I really like the smooth feeling, while it lasts. I've been thinking I might do it as summer approaches actually. I do feel quite ambivalent about the whole thing though.

i'm ambivalent about body hair--i like relatively natural bush and shudder at Brazilians, but i think underarm hair looks like caterpillars emerging from the pits, and i really can't stand my mohair stockings (thanks to Italian blood, my leg hair is thick and dark and so damn ugly that I sometimes marvel at its incredible hideousness..yah yah, socialisation i know). in winter i'm lazy, but in summer, i'm far too self-conscious not to shave. fair-haired girlfriends definitely get away with having leg hair, so i'd say try bleaching. just make sure to leave it on long enough so it doesn't go orange, heh!

Wow, it never occurred to me that leg hair on men was supposed to look good. I've always thought it looked offensive and thought that the only reason why men can get away with that is because they are men and so society holds them to a much lower standard than women. Wow... attractive? I need to do some thinking about that -- it totally never occurred to me.

Me personally, I started shaving my legs in high school when I went to school in shorts one day and everybody on the subway seemed to be staring at my legs. I looked down at them to try to figure out what people were staring at and I realized that my legs were covered in thick dark hair. I had never thought about shaving my legs before. Shaving was for grownups, and I was a kid. It really caught me off guard. But that's when I started shaving my legs. I always shave them all summer long and then let the leg hair grow out gloriously long in the wintertime. Though in recent years I've noticed that leg hair is really itchy under the long underwear that is pretty much necessary in the chilly winters here where I live, so now I also shave 'em in the wintertime, just to avoid the itch. In the summertime I don't mind having legs that *feel* stubbly, but I do mind having legs that look gross. So I shave my legs when the leg-hair starts to become visible, which is maybe once every 4 or 6 days.

My theory is that I can control the summertime weather with my leg shaving. If I want yucky weather, all I have to do is shave my legs. If I want nice weather, all I have to do is let my leg hair grow out. :-)

Oh, and about haircuts: I am not a trusting enough person to let anybody else cut my hair, because I know they would regularly do things I wasn't happy with and then I'd have to live with it on my head. So I cut my own hair. I keep it long enough that cutting it is mostly a matter of holding it in a ponytail under my chin and then using strong scissors to clip off the ponytail. Then I need to trim my bangs, which is more complicated, but also very do-able. I'd *so* rather live with my own mistakes on my hair than with anybody else's.

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