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Sunday, July 29, 2007


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It's hard, trying to know what the best thing to do is...

I'm so sorry. Our dog Kermit is starting to show the signs of age, a bit prematurely, and I'm trying hard not to think about it.

Lot does look quite dignified, and beautiful, in her photo. I am sorry she's been struggling so.

Just wanted to say my thoughts are with you also. She is a beautiful dog!

Thanks everyone.
Today's been up and down - she hadn't eaten much in 24 hours and did a bile vomit this evening. I felt very morose and sad all day. We happened to have an anti-nausea pill left over from January so we gave it to her at 7pm and an hour later she enthusiastically ate two platefuls of meat (kidneys and minced beef which I bought specially from the butcher today.) So I'm feeling better now and she seems to be too. I suspect that the particular type of antibiotics she's on are very powerful and make her sick. We might ask the vet to switch her to a different type.

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