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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


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Now granted, Wilder's been talking at bedtime about how we should put up posters asking people not to make carbon anymore, and completely freaking out about the world being flooded when the ice caps melt, and ranking how we should travel instead of cars (which is part of his campaign to get me to let him ride his bike along country roads with no shoulders while cars drive 50mph -- so NO), and there are times when I wish he wasn't getting so indoctrinated in the environment.

But SMILES? Ack.

You are not joking about the smile bit. And one of my boys is such a nerd, that's exactly the kind of thing he'd take on board and go around saying to me all day too. Hope they didn't get that at their assembly.

I reckon you're also doing one of the best things, and that is showing that there's other ways to get around than by car.

On a kind of related note, when is it okay to let them go around to the shop by themselves to buy a loaf of bread? (the park - I'm never letting them go to the park by themselves!)

Olle also says that he wants a government which will close all the carbon-producing factories.

Thirdcat, I don't think I'd let Olle go to our nearest shop yet (he's 8.5) but he has gone to a local shop in a coastal holiday village with another child, without adults. I think by this time next year he might be up to it, though we live in a very urban environment - in the suburbs, it might be possible now. He's recently begun taking his friends around the block via the back laneway and seems to enjoy having a bit of freedom on the streets. My main worry, of course, is car traffic. He shows no signs of any awareness of traffic at all - they say this doesn't develop till age 10.

>(the park - I'm never letting them go to the park by themselves!)<

Oh now, that is sad!

It is sad. There is a strange contradiction between the 'freedom' we had as children -right from age 5 I went to school without an accompanying adult - and the restrictions we place on today's children. It just feels as if the stakes are higher somehow - and of course, mine has no siblings to go with him, whereas in those days there were usually big gangs of kids around everywhere.

On the topic of going off to the shops, I think I would have been a bit older but not much...I recall being sent to the corner shop (which wasn't at all on the corner but a way off) to buy cigarettes...shudder! It wouldn't likely happen now but I doubt the shopkeeper would have batted an eye at the time. It was far enough away that I once got lost in the maze of bike trails getting there...I could have gone by the main road but I was pretty confident of knowing the way but must have taken a wrong turn and lost my bearings. I think D was probably nine or so when he first went up to the shops but that was with a friend. He must have been ten or older when he went off by himself. I doubt N would go on his own any time soon but I can't exactly compare him to average with regard to social situations like that.

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