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Thursday, May 24, 2007


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The baby has exactly the look on his face that I would expect from someone who has just discovered he's related to Dick Cheney.

Did you see Pam Spaulding's take on this blessed event, complete with reaction from Freepers?

*for neophytes, "Freepers" is a nickname for the denizens of Free Republic, an American forum populated mostly by libertarians. They're all for small government, but occasionally the tensions between socially conservative and socially freeforall libertarians are amusing.

That link was good for a laugh (which I needed), as is Sandra's comment about the look on the baby's face.

I thought it was TOTALLY bizarre that the parents are included in this photo. Although I guess maybe Dick gets points for being photographed with the child at all?

Eh. Probably not.

Uh, meant to write "parents NOT included." Obviously. (Sigh.)

Curiouser and curiouser. Maybe we are supposed to feel grateful about Bush saying that Mary will make a loving mother (hmm in the same way that an african american might feel flattered by being told how "articulate" they are), and ignore the fact that he seems to think Mary is Samuel's only parent.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised to see neo-conservatives experiencing the collision of their black and white moral universe with the messy and colourful reality of human existence. It had to happen eventually. But it looks like they are doing everything they can to quarantine the effects of the collision from their hard-line political positions by claiming it as a "private" matter.

In any case, it is wonderful news for Mary & Heather, and a nice opportunity to see the conservatives picking on one another.

I have to admit I've had the wind taken out of my sails over at LP where a conservative commenter has pointed out that the Cheneys had the same style of photo taken on the births of their other grandsons.
Follow the link above to find the discussion there.

Only in America!

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