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Sunday, May 06, 2007


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I've appreciated and found helpful the clarity of your thought about having children.

Well said. And your comment about women with only one child is spot on, btw.

Another unhelpful line of comment, for those of us still trying, is 'You really shouldn't have left it so late,' without bothering to find out any of the circumstances behind that.

I liked a letter to the editor in the SMH that said 'I completely agree with Heff - only mothers for government, everywhere'

And I wonder how many of the men in parliament with kids have any awareness at all of what to do with a nappy bucket.

Remember when the US blogosphere had a thing of sending fruitcakes to right wing politicians?

Maybe there should be a drive to send old nappy buckets to Heff's office in Canberra.

Maybe just old nappies?

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