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Sunday, May 13, 2007


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I'm intrigued by this in the Guardian article:

"As a recent ground-breaking UK study of 750 sets of female twins proved, working-class women age seven years faster than women further up the social ladder. In other words, if you want to paint a portrait of blue-collar Britain, make it obese and give it plenty of wrinkles."

I can understand the obesity bit (bad food is cheaper), but it's interesting to learn of the wrinkle bit. How are wrinkles "measured", for goodness' sakes, and in whose interest is it to measure them? Couldn't they have measured age in outlook, heart condition, bone density, mobility?

I couldn't find this study online, so if you know of it, please give us a hoy.

I have issues with ageing but they seem infinitesimal compared with the Guardian writer's. Still, my mother brought me up to fear ageing. At 25 (!) I read Erica Jong's Fear of Fifty and Peter O'Connor's Facing the Fifties. They were pretty good.

GOTA, I have read about that survey (and/or others like it). I think this writer has taken poetic license in saying they show that working class people are more 'wrinkled'. I think they actually show that working class people have shorter lifespans and also more serious ilness eg heart conditions. I'll try and find it.

I would have a lot to say about this but I'm too tired. But one of the things I appreciate about getting older is a sense of perspective. E.g. although I'll mourn the loss of my pre-baby body, I've stared at the alternative (ie no baby) long enough to feel like it's a small sacrifice. It's remarkable, though, how important it is to be 'sexy'. I think as lesbians we miss a fair chunk of this but I know it's still definitely there.

Ever run across the song "You're Aging Well" by Dar Williams? I rather like it.

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