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Thursday, April 19, 2007


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Very nice post title :)

I coached a girls team for Balmain from about 1998 - 2003. My daughter was in the team, and I am an out lesbian. I never had a single problem with any parents about being a lesbian in that whole time. Most parents are terribly grateful that you are putting energy into their children. In the end though, I gave up coaching children (I now coach women for Balmain)because of the attitude of a small, load minority of parents who have totally unrealistic expectations of their children and of a voluntary coach. I even had parents who would ring me at work on a Monday to challenge some of my coaching decisions from Sunday's games. These parents were not committed to a team experience, but rather in their child as an individual. They also would never, ever, have put in the amount of time I did for years (and still do) into encouraging girls (and women) to play a traditionally male sport. So, if I were you, I would cherish this coach. I would support her both practically (volunteer to bring the oranges, or first aid kit to every game)and support and understand her decisions. The individualistic, neurotic, "user pays" mentality is hugely destructive to community spirit and community sport. We were never playing at Wembley! Hope you have a good season! (Oh, and you might be interested in my blog http://bmowp.blogspot.com/ )

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