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Friday, April 27, 2007


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Oops! Just realised you don't like role models after I called your son one in your most recent post. Fair point.

I am ashamed to say it now because I love my son so much, but I sobbed when I initally found out he was going to be a boy - I was convinced I'd have a girl. Yes, I didn't know what to do with a boy. And my mum had a lot of trouble with my two brothers. Now I am so pleased I have a boy, as I don't have to work through all the awful crap served up to girls at the moment - the Bratz, the baby bras, etc.

Ariel, I'm also glad I don't have to deal with commercialised girliness and besides, pink is my least favourite colour ;-) Boys of course are also targets for commercial crap but until quite recently we managed to avoid most of that and to dress him in clothes that I'd be happy to wear (he's moved more into the drab boy-look now, though not completely.)

I'm constantly having to wade through the commercial crap my son just loves, but I find that the girl crap is so much more offensive. At least they don't want little boys to be sexy little shopping machines! Clothes-wise, mine most likes to wear skivvies I buy cheap and let him draw on with permanent textas. For now ...

Susoz wrote: I have to say that I don't like the notion of "role models' - the notion that any of us goes around simply copying other people, in whatever capacity they are "modelling" for us.

Yes!!!! I *so* agree with this. I can't imagine myself wanting some person to be my "role model" -- I don't want to copy anybody else. I much prefer to take good ideas where I find them, and make my own choices and my own way, figuring out what is right for me. I hope to raise my kids to be that way too.


About boy-crap and girl-crap in stores: I have a son and a daughter, and, at least to my family, I've found that the crap is about equally offensive to me. My family does pretty well at keeping out of the house: war toys, toys that glamorize violence, girly Bratz-type dolls, and teeny sexualized clothing. I don't think it matters which gender of child you are raising, there is crap out there that people will peddle toward your child, that you as a parent will need to contend with.

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