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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


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Wow that sounds scary. I'm glad you're all right.

I've been convinced lately that cycling in the bus lanes is the safest - similar to your view of being safe with other traffic. Buses are used to looking out for smaller vehicles.

Oh my. That would have me trembling for many days.

I'm glad you're okay. Drivers are idiots about bikers. We live along a road used by many cyclists for training and exercise, and I've seen some very stupid passing maneuvers in my day.


I'm glad you are okay. I am always terrified of riding with traffic for precisely that reason so tend to stick to dual use pathways around here.

Hopefully the other effects of the near miss will fade soon. I'd be shaking for awhile if it were me.

Sorry to hear about that. Basically, it's defensive cycling all the way, as I'm sure you know, as you never know when a car is going to treat you as another vehicle or as a total non-entity.

Jennifer, yes, I find the buses pretty considerate - I ride in a bus lane in the city as part of my route home.
I think this incident particularly shook me up partly because of my recent heavy collision with a footpath - as co-parent said, "you don't have the protection of ignorance" - and because of an accident in Sydney which was in the news yesterday of a car lethally hitting people at a bus-stop, which reinforces how vulnerable the human body is when struck by a large metal object.
Still, I managed to ride to work today without too much angst. Yes, defensive riding is the name of the game - it can be mentally exhausting keeping every errant possibility in mind as you ride.

I'm glad you managed to stop in time.
And what a tool. I'm sure he went home and painted you as some irresponsible bike rider.

Curiously, I don't find buses considerate. In the last year I've been tailgated once by a bus on Glebe Point Road, and cut up by a bus pulling in to a bus stop on Oxford Street, at the Paddington end, ending with me coming to a stop in front of the bus's rear doors.

Glad you're ok, though :)

How awful! The main road near us has many cyclists using it especially in the morning for training purposes. It takes my breath away at times to see what drivers do to pass these cyclists. Thats why I could never ride on the road. Glad to hear you havent lost your nerve.

I hate the thoughtless way most drivers treat cyclists. One of Floyd's childhood friends was a competative cycler until a driver decided to pass him too closely. His left arm was so badly damaged it needed to be amputated. I think most people are completely oblivious to the consequences of driving while stupid and I wish more cities had entirely separate road systems for bicycles.

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