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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


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I don't really know, but I always thought the danger of tetanus was from deep wounds of any sort (whether inflicted by metallic objects or not). Last time I had a bad-ish injury (step on a stick that went in quite deep) I didnt go to the doctor for it initially, but when I got a really bad cold the next week and went in to see my doc, he happened to look at my foot, asked me when I last had a tetanus shot, and then gave me a shot when I said I couldn't remember...

Not something to mess with, tetanus. I'd have the shot if you haven't had one for a while.

(Then again I may be influenced by an Australian doctor I knew in Thailand who had a wonderful store of horror stories - he used to do the evac flights...)

I seem to be not having the shot, mainly out of inertia (quite a lot of energy and timetabling is required to arrange a doctor's appointment). If I disappear from this blog, you'll know I'm in the grip of tetany :-)

REcently I read (and I can't remember where) that 'they' (medical experts, I suppose) now say you don't need booster tetanus shots - the one you have in childhood should last your whole life.

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