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Sunday, March 04, 2007


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I fell while out walking several months ago and I also blogged about it. I was also struck by the great difference between children falling vs. adults falling. It feels so traumatic as an adult. First the embarrassment and physical humiliation, then the injuries which hurt so much and take so much longer to heal for adults than for children. Poor Olle, I bet he feels awful about it.

My sympathies on your fall. Yes, I really understand about the difference in falling and even the appearance it might have of really good slapstick. I have a habit of tripping over my own feet quite regularly although I don't always fall. I am always conscious of how comical I must look when this happens.

I do remember an incident similar to yours. It must have been a year or two ago and happened as I was taking the boys to school. I had just parked and gone to the passenger side of the car...somehow I slipped on the curb next to the car and quite ungracefully plummeted to the ground. D was very upset by it and was worried for me. N, of course, wasn't too concerned unless it affected him directly, lol...that's just him though. I got away with various sore parts of my body, including my ankle and most definitely my bottom.

OUCH! I know that bruised buttock sensation only too well! You will feel better soon, I promise.

I've never had the bruised buttock sensation before. All my other falls have been forwards onto hands and knees and sometimes shoulders and I haven't felt as knocked around. this time I seem to have taken my entire weight onto the tops of my buttocks and they are still, today, incredibly sore so that just walking is painful. Still, I'll get over it. I'm glad I didn't break anything or put a hole in the dress I was wearing.

Falling by stepping on a ball seems to me like a good way to break an ankle. I'm glad you didn't, and I hope the bruised parts get better soon!

Valerie, I'm really glad I didn't break an ankle too - I seem to be surrounded by women who've broken one or more ankles and it makes me wonder why that is. Do men break their ankles too or is it a peculiarly feminine accident?

But we forget HOW to fall as adults - its not just that we're bigger & have further to fall, but we forget. I witnessed a woman step backward off a step, and fall - she was probably 35? but she fell as I have seen elderly women fall. With no idea how to land,how to roll. And tense with fear as she landed. It must have hurt. But it didnt need to. Out there I say, and practice falling - do things that let you fall. relearn the ancient of scab picking.Balance it, after all, just practice.

Oh, ouch!!!! I hope you and Olle are both feeling better soon.

Bernice, I think you're right, though I seem to have fallen in quite a self-protective way - rolling in a circle to land on the fattest part of my body and my head didn't hit the ground at all, which is why I had a sore neck, I guess, from spontaneously holding it up. I'm glad I didn't have this accident a few weeks ago when I had my vertigo/balance problem as my self-protective senses might not have kicked in..

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