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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


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As the mother of one of the children in the aforementioned article, I must stress that we don't actually own that particular electronic toy - it was just 'tested out' on Evan as a globe-fan known to the author!!!! I must say the hi-tech version was v. cool (poor Evan's very own globe is of the $10 blow-up variety!).

I would be curious to hear your recommendations for good on-line games for the young primary set. Evan used to love games for young children accessible via the ABC Kids website, but has largely tired of these now. Although I don't want him to waste away in front of the computer, it would be nice to find him some enjoyable (and non-machine gun filled) computer games more suitable to his age. I'm sure he'd enjoy some new material and it can be a good option for dreary winter days!

Liz - My kids like starfall.com , pbskids.com, popcap.com (check out Insaniquarium or Bejeweled! And watch out for Candy Train, which is darling -- but it cheats!), and www.miniclip.com/games/red-beard/en/

Valerie, thanks for those suggestions - I've been remiss in not getting back to this.
There is Mathletics (http://www.mathletics.com.au/) and Spellodrome (owned by the same company and reachable via that site) - we have subs to these via our school, which makes it much cheaper.
Yahooligans (http://kids.yahoo.com/games) has a lot of types of gamesd, including chess.
Olie's Club is a sustainability site for kids (http://www.olliesworld.com/club/club.htm)
The Australian Sports Commission has a kids site: http://www.ausport.gov.au/aasc/kids/
Olle likes Miniclip, though I find many of those games very repetitive:
I'm sure there are others which I've forgotten, I'll add them when they come to mind.

Thank you both for your tips! Have printed out your suggestions for further investigation.

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