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Thursday, February 15, 2007


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I love the crystal deodorants and have been using them for well over a decade. Only rarely (during episodes which I think are big hormonal shifts or something) do I need something else as well. If you want to feel them "work" try touching it to a cut. It stings very convincingly :-O. They also last for much longer than advertised. I think I have bought four in the last 12 years and each time it was due to loss, not because I was anywhere near running out.

Avon used to have aluminium free deodorants - though the scent was so revolting I opted for the aluminium. Clarins also used to have one that was a cream but at an extortionate price.

Thursday Plantation (Ballina NSW) has aluminium-free deodorants:


Coles used to sell it (I don't know if they still do or not) and so do many chemists.

Thanks everyone. Vanessa, with your encouragement, I've tried out the crystal under trying conditions (bike ride in the middle of a very hot day) and it worked! No BO at all! I was amazed and pleased. I borrowed co-p's Nivea the other day for a walk-run session and it *didn't* work. So I'm a convert to crystal.

I tried out a crystal deodorant when we were in Canada but it gave me a fungus. That one was sold in a supermarket so probably was contaminated. I'm thinking of ordering one of the crystals from the site you found unless I can find one locally. I find the product I use doesn't really do the trick so end up using a back up in hot weather and for exercise.

The one I have is Deo Nat Sports Stick.

See bottom product on this page:

Well this is hot topic! (Har dee har). I use one called 'Body Choice' bought at the supermarket, claims to be aluminimum free. Being a cool climate girl, I never bothered with the stuff until I went to semi-tropics. I don't like deodorants much. They're hell on clothes.

I use a Redken deodorant which doesn't contain aluminium. Look for a purple bottle, and it's a slim pump pack rather than a stick with a rounded top.

The crunchy granola line of cosmetics, sorbolene an' that.
Redken, of course, is the hair product brand.

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