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Monday, February 12, 2007


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I also came across this in a rondabout kind of way and share your feelings about it all. In fact, I reckon it's bloody disgraceful and just demonstrates - for those who had not noticed yet - what an arrogant little so-and-so our PM is. He has to go.

He is such a creature! I was having a quick coffee this afternoon, in an inner suburban "blue ribbon" area of Brisbane and overheard four women in their fifties hooting with laughter talking about it. Someone was being very rude about The Creature and they all found it funny. A good sign for change maybe?
Speaking with Red Kerry tonight, Howard refused to acknowledge that whether withdrawl was sooner or later, the result would be similar. Howard said he was 'optimistic'that the situation in Iraq could improve! RK didnt ask on what facts he based this view.
I'm looking forward to Cheney's visit!

I missed this whole exchange, probably because I get most my information through newspapers and none from the television. However I know the nasties over here have been making much about how Obama's middle name is Hussein. A couple of the more unethical newssources were even calling him by his full name for a while.

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