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Friday, January 12, 2007


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It is very sad to lose such a good friend. We are contemplating the same thing with the rapid decline of our beloved standard poodle ( such a handsome boy). I cant decide on a time either. Best wishes.

Oh, what a gorgeous dog. She's a wonderful companion. I'm so sorry she's not well.

How's the Lotster today?

I've been wondering about her too.

Adorable all-knowing face.
She regally deigns to be photographed by mere humans.
Beautiful girl.


Trivial but intriguing (to me anyway) that I just saw a dog very much like that in Seddon, which is far away from Sydney, and I have never met Suz or Lottie, but my first thought was "That looks like the Lotster... Hmmm must check on Suz's blog when I get home."

That's the internetz for you.

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