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Friday, November 17, 2006


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Yes, he apologized to her in an attempt to rehabilitate his image. She's apparently much nicer and more forgiving than the general public, since she accepted his apology, and the general public still seems to mostly despise him.

I think they were friends from a movie way back, actually part of the same generation when you think about it, and had some sort of connection based on that. Which of course made his original slam that much worse.

The cynic in me also thinks it doesn't hurt Brooke's career (which she has absolutely as much right to protect and enhance as the next person) to be seen in Italy for the wedding. It's amazing how stupid the process of getting hired in Hollywood actually is.

Since 90% of jobs involves actors raising their public profiles, it's hard for me to take their "we hate the press so much, why don't they just leave us alone" complaints seriously. They feed the beast. They have no choice.

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