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Thursday, November 23, 2006


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I can't get the videos to work...possibly because I'm not that clever with this stuff.

I hope the performance goes well. I love children doing their stuff on stage.

It probably depends on which browser you're using. I couldn't get them to work either in Safari but they're fine in Firefox. Can you try another browser?
The performance already went well - last weekend!

Adorable (sniff!!!!). Better pack the Kleenex...

Oh Wow, these are total gold. And so familiar! The teacher anxiously calling out the instructions ('Annnd... jump! Annnd... point!') while everyone kind of looks at each other out the corner of their eyes to make sure they're right.

Olly is a very nice mover. Some lovely chasses :D

I was confused at first that during 'It's a Hard Knock Life' the kids seemed to have fairy floss. I was like, whoah, best orphanage ever! But then I wondered if they were featherdusters.

Good luck getting the songs out of your head, like, ever.
(Has he seen the film/s?)

They were featherdusters.
We haven't seen the film but I keep meaning to look for it in the video shop.

The original from the '80s has some great staging of the big numbers but is a bit 'wrong' in parts, with a weird ending and the inexplicable casting of an African American guy as a mystic Indian dude (erm, okay). There was a more recent Disney telemovie starring Victor Garber, Kathy Bates, Alan Cumming and Audra McDonald which is less flashy but probably better overall. Both should be widely available. Both are very cheesy!

Well aware that the fact that I can tell you all this off the top of my head is really tragic.

I find it fascinating! (I can rarely remember details about movies.)

Visual memory :D

Looks like a neat performance -- I wish we lived closer by, so I could really go watch it.

About Annie:
When my sister and I were kids, she went through a long phase of wanting to be in Annie. So my whole family got to see the show a number of times, and hear the album played over and over and over again. I think I know most of the songs by heart.

I thought the Annie movie that I saw was nothing like the stage play. In my opinion, the stage version is *much* better.

Our local video shop didn't have Annie at all but then I happened to see it for sale in the local supermarket. It was the Carol Burnett version, directed by John Huston. We bought it and watched it and enjoyed it, though it was a bit of a stagey film. I'd love to see it on stage but it's not on anywhere here.

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