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Thursday, September 07, 2006


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I love your books/reading posts!

I have my best friend (and Elba's namesake) the Blackwater Lightship for her birthday a few years ago, but haven't read it myself. It's going on the library reading list.

So much to think about writing on my own blog now that I've read this post....

In the six months since I last saw Katya's five year old son, he has moved from Thomas the Tank Engine to Star Wars, with the same level of obsession and dedicatd energy. Fascinating to watch a child's development through their choice of reading material.

The thing is, I'm not sure how to interpret his choice of Star Wars (not that it needs definitive interpretation). He never was into Thomas the Tank Engine. Robin Hood and knights in general were an early preoccupation and I guess there's something of a swordlike thread which runs from them to Asterix to Star Wars.

You know, once G started to read proper stories to himself he went off bedtime stories from me for about 6-12 months. Earlier this year he decided that I could read the HP series to him as bedtime stories (despite the fact that he's read it twice to himself) so there must be some comfort and enjoyment in having a story from Mum beyond the story. Sadly, we've almost caught JK Rowling up so I'll have to find something else soon.

N does read some Pokemon books but that's the extent of his fiction. It's mostly non-fiction stuff. I think he would get annoyed if I were to attempt to read to him these days. On the other hand, D still enjoys being read to...not that I do this all that much but there have been occasional books. I think the last one I read was Maurice and his Amazing Rats by Terry Pratchett, some time last year. D probably was about ten when he started reading fiction on his own. I recall his grade two report in Canada where the teacher mentioned that he mainly reads non-fiction books. It has evolved into a bit of a mix.

I'll have to write about my own reading on my blog some time. It's all over the place in styles at the moment...not that I am reading much more than uni stuff...

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