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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


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I voted in the petition that Ron sent around and forwarded it onto my friends. Now I'm thinking I will do something more like write directly to Baillieu. Thanks for a great post, Susoz.

Wonderful post, and very interesting about your father being raised by two women.

Yes I do enjoy reading your blog too.

Thanks for writing this very thoughtful explanation of the issues.

I'm just filled with dispair that these sorts of laws are out there. It makes me feel so tired, and sad.

That's a nice story at the end about your father.

I agree - great post. And I like the story about your father too.

(Sorry long post) what would they stir up self righteous indignation about if they didn't have the scary lesbians? Actually I think the majority of people, if left to think about it for themselves, really wouldn't care. Big deal, the two girls next door have a baby. Being against lesbian/ gay parenting/unions whatever is really some sort of social marker for pollies, isn't it? It's less controversial than, say, coming out with anti-Muslim or anti-indigenous comments, because only the queers get upset. But gives people something to rally around. I know you differ from me on gay marriage Suse but this is a good example for me of why I think it's important. I think - stop f*#ing around at the edges with rules on adoption/access to fertility/ de facto recognition/ superannuation and just recognise the whole lot.

Great post, Susoz. People do forget that before modern medicine childrearing practises were almost infinitely flexible due to children commonly being orphaned by war, famine, disease etc. What mattered was whether there were loving carers for the children, and nobody thought twice about kids being raised by grandparents or uncles or aunts in any combination.

The intact heterosexual nuclear family model is an artefact of industrialised consumerist societies, it is not some One True Way.

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